BabyMocs was born In December 2018 with one main goal: trying to contribute to creating a better and more sustainable planet for our children to walk on.

BabyMocs is Scandinavia's first vegan children's shoe brand - founded in Sweden.

All BabyMocs are made of vegan leather.

They also make accessories such as sunglasses, which are made of recycled plastic and have a 100% UV-protection. They also have caps and summer hats.

They are delivered in an exclusive box made out of recycled paper and a soft shoe drawstring bag.

While trying to contribute to creating a better and more sustainable planet for our children to walk on we serve another purpose with why BabyMocs was born in the first place. BabyMocs is leading a project that aims at building a platform to help activating homeless people into the society again via micro jobs.

Bibs was born in the small town of Esbjerg, Denmark.

It all started with a family business whose aim was to create a natural latex of only the best materials.

40 years on and they have evolved to one of the world's most popular manufacturer of 100% natural rubber pacifiers. Their products combine elegance and European quality!

At Bobo Choses, they love creating fun clothes in comfortable shapes for kids to play with; writing crazy children books that give meaning to their collections and designing beautiful objects that lift our feet off the ground.

They love working in an old toy factory two blocks away from the Mediterranean Sea; learning from local manufacturers’ know-how and turning ten years old in 2018.

Bobo Choses love being kids stuck inside adults; acting seriously funny and caring for the world and everything that is part of it.

At Bobo Choses they love to have fun!

Butoni Design produces wonderful ceramic-looking jewelry made of birch plywood.

"DEAR SOPHIE was created for kids. All of them! Baby girls and baby boys, newborns, toddlers, those who are loud and shy, with or without hair storm. Because no matter the difference - all kids are little explorers.

However, DEAR SOPHIE are also talented Graphic Designers and the Fashion Designer who believe that minimalism - like nothing else - lets babies develop their imagination. That minimalism - simple forms, neutral colour pallet, original prints - is key of Dear Sophies designs. On top of that - the highest quality of cotton as well as nature inspirations and a full image of our brand is created. DEAR SOPHIE is 100% made in Poland: Dear Sophie create, design and implement their projects in local sewing factories, following "fair trade" philosophy."

Finnish designer. Lovely postcards and posters of forest animals.

Jamie Kay is founded in 2013. They made up of dreamy, organic cotton and merino wool garments and coveralls. Stunning clothes are designed in their New Zealand studio and in addition to their beautiful looks, the quality is excellent. All garments are crafted in India & China during ethical production process ensuring all organic cotton is GOTS certified. Garments are coloured with Oeko

certified dyes.

The Danish Konges Sløjd manufactures high-quality, stylish children's clothing and interior decoration products. All products are made of GOTS certified organic cotton and are manufactured in factories with proper working conditions.

Konges Sløjd's design philosophy is to produce beautiful products that bring the little ones joy, and which, at the same time, make visual sense to the parents.

KoukussaDesign manufactures lovely crocheted toys for children. The products are handmade, so every product is unique.

"The company is founded by Lærke Rune, a product and furniture designer from Copenhagen. Lærke created the LOULLOU world as the place where the creativity and imagination of a child can be developed. The LOULLOU world is a place where children's imagination can fly.

It is extremely important that all products and manufacturing be made of durable and organic materials, which is why all wood used in the LOULLOU products is FSC certified. Forests are important and so is the health of our children."

Lucky No.7 is a Dutch children's wear brand that makes unisex clothes for kids aged 0-8. The garment style is a little rebellious, not forgetting comfort and durability.

"It all started of a friendship

When someone is asking about the story of Luin Living from us, for some reason we usually say that our story started in the summer of 2013 from a dream to design the best hair towel in the world. The truth is, however, that our story started back in the year 1999, when we, founders of Luin Living, got to know each other while studying economics at the University of Jyväskylä. From studying through our careers and raising our children, we always dream of entrepreneurship together.

And then, the idea of ​​the world's best hair towel changed our world.

Developing the ultimate hair towel led to a couple of years of exploring the world of home textiles, much different than our experience in branding the grocery chain or the banking world. Equipped with strong faith in our business idea, we found a manufacturer who believed in our idea just as much as we did. Thinking back to those days, we are very grateful that they took a faith and believed in us, because at that time we didn't even have any R&D budget or even the business ID. Together with our manufacturer, we persistently developed our exquisite towel material for the hair towel. Material which was not yet found on the market anywhere in the world. This material finally drove us to the path we are now on.

Sustainability is a way of life

All our activities are based on sustainability and we do everything with

a clear conscience. From raw materials to manufacturing and packaging,

from storage to consumer´s linen closet, we strive for quality,

transparency and humanity in all our operations.

High quality, long lasting and timeless products are at the core of our

business. We don´t believe in seasonal collections but rather forever

collections instead. We say NO to consumer hysteria by producing premium

products that are correctly priced in terms of their lifecycle, raw

materials, and the entire production process."

Maed for mini is a Rotterdam born, Amsterdam based conscious kids brand for 0-8 years. With the use of mature colors, soft quality materials, original designs and produced in a sustainable environment, they hope to create clothing that attracts parents and that kids love to wear.

Maed for mini finds inspiration in shared fascinations, their daily family life and take pleasure in injecting some humor into designs. Maed for mini advocate supporting local businesses and talent, and recognize responsibilities towards the environment, employees and the people who make their products, so they will always work hard to be an even more sustainable company.

"Dorthe Mailil, is a Danish designer and illustrator living and working

in Herning, Denmark. She is perhaps best known as the owner and Creative Director behind Maileg, a charming brand of toys that merge modern Scandinavian design with storybook whimsy and meticulous attention to detail.

About Maileg

In a busy world of bright lights, bells and whistles, where new stories are continually impressed upon us… Maileg is a world in which matchboxes can be beds for mice; princesses make perfect teatime companions; and adventures can be found on a friendly forest walk. It is a world where cats and mice are friends. Ours is a world of childhood imagination - and this is a world we value.

The environment matters

MAILEG believes protecting our environment is an important issue and takes the responsibility very

Makia thrives to make clothing that will stand the test of time, equally in quality.

They produce stylish, contemporary and simpler clothes for everyday use.

For more than 75 years danish Mp Denmark has been producing trendy socks and pantyhose with respect for health and comfort.

MP´s have to meet the requirements of an active lifestyle while taking into account the environment and taking care of the user's feet. They’re all therefore closely knitted with a strong heel and toe and are made at their own factory of Oeko-Tex certified yarn.

mp products are designed to make children and their mothers feel comfortable, always in trendy, high quality socks, tights and leggings.

Design Room Tuokio is a company established in the summer of 2013 with the goal of bringing joy, stories and beauty to everyday life. The characteristic of Tuokio is colors, pleasure, some kind of minimalism and a little catch.

All products are manufactured in Finland, as environmentally friendly, responsible and high quality. Tuokio also wants to support Finnish work and expertise by acquiring the necessary materials from Finland.

"Babies deserve the best. That`s why we are committed to products made to last, not to be replaced. We seek out sustainable and eco-conscious materials along with modern, minimalist design for affordable products that moms love as much as babies do."

Ninnimoi products are intended for the joy of everyday life and celebration of festive occasions.

Posters are made with recycled paper.

Sievä manufactures lovely hair bow clips and bands. Bows are handmade in Finland with high quality materials.

Silly Silas made lovely retro ribbed tights with braces.

Silly Silas was founded by a mom of two children who fell in love with the tights with braces when her first son Elias was born and her mom sent her a pair.

She learn from her parents that they used to be very popular when they were kids but then they already gone out of the style when she was a baby.

Tights are made from 100% cotton making it suitable for even the most sensitive baby skin.

Certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Made with love in Czech Republic.

Siluettiverstas strives to produce practical, beautiful and durable products that will delight decades ahead.

All beautiful products are made of wood.

Tresxics's stunning, metallic products maintain family creativity. Fabric wall-papers do not damage or stain walls.

All products are designed and manufactured in Barcelona.

Tresxics was founded by a Barcelonian designer in 2014.

In handling and packaging, they work with the Auria Group, a community that works together to create opportunities for work, social participation and the risks of social exclusion.

WDesign Helsinki is finnish design company and manufacturer. 

W represent the best range of high standard and quality products and handcrafted design accessories.

Handmade in Finland

YO ZEN is a Finnish lifestyle brand known for graphic design. Their concept is to design objects that are cool right now but are so carefully designed that they feel relevant even 50 years from now. YO ZEN cherish the longevity of the products without sacrificing the quality of the materials or the ethicality of the production methods.

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